Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Notice 2

I wanted to submit a comment on the Brigitte Alfter (the fighter for free press -whatever it is) blog. But the comment doesn't appear. So I will write it here.

Free Press

Free investigative journalist Magnus Berglund from Finland created a documentary TV program The Truth about Patria which was emited on Finish public TV YLE on 1 September 2008, 3 weeks before the general election in Slovenia. Immediately after that the program was presented to Slovenian public on Slovenian national TV. Slovenians could see how Magnus Berglund accussed Slovenian prime minister Janez Jansa of taking bribes.
"The Finish state-owned Patria bribed the prime minister of Slovenia" said Magnus Berglund.
Berglund presented no proofs, anyway the political campaign before Slovenian election was ruined. Nobody was talking about political programs any more. The sole theme in media and among people was the "corruption of JJ". The leaders of the opposition left-wing parties and their opinion makers were telling us incessantly about how credible the Finish media were and how Berglund certainly had proofs for his allegations.
Janez Jansa lost the election.
The left-wing parties won. Thus we now have (due to Magnus Berglund) a competent and honest government. See here.
When Slovenia brought a criminal case against Magnus Berglund (Brigitte Alfter wrote about it) the International Press Institute engaged in defence of Magnus Berglund.
Today more then 1 and a half year later it is clear that the accusations of Janez Jansa were lies. Will Magnus Berglund and IPI and Brigitte Alfter appologize to Janez Jansa and to Slovenians?

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