Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Notice 3

I am not permitted to submit comments about free press on the blog of a fighter for free press Brigitte Alfter.
It seems Brigitte is like our Slovenian "liberals".
Read this:
About 3 years ago one of the private TVs in Slovenia started emiting a one hour news program Svet na Kanalu A (World on Kanal A). It was soon among the most popular TV news programs. The editor was from the beginning Bojan Traven. He received a national award Viktor for special achievements in the year 2008. Because:

"... to break unwritten rules, to discover the pulse of people, to introduce different, fresh accession. To tell stories picturesquely, to play with dramarurgy. To introduce a new dynamics into the form. To encoutage others to follow you. To reject the seeming objectivity and to set up clear expression of views. To use the power of media so, that you move, change, to succed in helping "small people"to turn their stories for better ... These are the characteristics and reasons for the success of the project ... Today the news Svet na Kanalu A is recognizable for its own style and it has a wide circle of friendly viewers ... Svet na Kanalu A would not exist without its editor Bojan Traven."

But - in the autumn of 2008 came the election, the government changed. The coalition of left-wing parties took power at the end of the year. Soon it was clear that Svet na Kanalu A would not behave as expected: attacking Janez Jansa, now the leader of the opposition - as Slovenian media used to do for 20 years and more. Instead Svet na Kanalu A continued to be critical to those in power, they exposed the scandals, corruption, clientelism, lies ... inside the ruling left-wing parties and the circle of people connected to them.
Suddenly Bojan Traven became a most hated journalist - hated by the same people who had awarded him with a Viktor the previous year.
A few weeks ago Gregor Golobic, the Minister of Higher Education (philosopher Slavoj Zizek said about him: "He is my best friend! I love him! He is the future Slovene Stalin. He is a man of power. " From The Marx Brother, The New Yorker, 5 May 2003) said in an interview :
"I am talking about a trend, about a tendency, about what is obvious to everybody. Let's look about ourself. What is the role today of some pozars, some reporters, finances, kanalazations (meaning sewage system) media projects? (Pozar report, Reporter, Finance, Kanal A are the few independent media in Slovenia). Who are their bosses? Readers and viewers? So called "small people" whom they like so much to refer to?"
A few days after the interview the editor of Svet na Kanalu A Bojan Traven was fired.
The president of the Association of Journalists of Slovenia Grega Repovz wrote that Svet na Kanalu A is "from the viewpoint of journalism one of the problematic forms of pseudojournalism. It is a kind of populist journalism and if the decision of POP TV (Kanal A is part of POP TV) means that they reject this kind of journalism ... it is a new opportunity for restoring a serious journalism on Svet na Kanalu A and on POP TV in general. Journalists on POP TV demand that the media house cultivate profesional journalism."

Brigitte Alfter - fighter for free press - doesn't want to hear such stories.

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